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The Coles are burning out

In It doesn't walk on February 26, 2012 at 23:03

Americans won’t be too familiar with Cheryl Cole but here in the UK we are being forced to accept this woman. There’s nothing wrong with her. She’s a typical beauty, nothing special but a pretty face. Her singing career has been successful with Girls Aloud and a solo album . We’d like to say her solo attempt borders tacky but we don’t want to upset the teens. Even the music industry knows when a dream is impossible and is desperately trying other ways to force Miss Cole into our hearts. We’ve had to endure those awful L’Oreal commercials with fake hair and lashes. Just hearing those lines being uttered makes one cringe. Now she has collaborated with StylistPick Shoes that are perfectly cutesy for anyone …. well cutesy and girlie.

Miss Cole has a hard working PR team pulling out all the tricks to get this young lady out there no matter what it takes. Sure it works because you can’t argue with money and little whiney girls saying, ” Mum I want that shampoo so I can have fluffy hair.”

We’re not anti-Cole here at Sab but we hate when celebrities reek of desperation  and there are several out there.


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