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The Rickshaw Foundation for Youth

In For the bad of mankind on March 11, 2012 at 08:35

It is important to us that we promote good causes because we are interested in the well being and peace of the humankind. We are proud to now be a partner of the Rickshaw Foundation for Youth, working together to help underprivileged kids.

While most charities are focused on matters across the world, there is a lack of consideration for domestic issues right in front of us. There are several unfortunate children being denied material interests by their parents, a horrifying abuse of rights. Lily, 13 from Essex, does not have the latest iPod 4 Generation and has to withstand humiliation. Johnny from Liverpool, 10 years, did not receive the newest gaming console for Christmas, and Jenny from Charleston Virginia age 16, will be getting a Honda Civic for her birthday instead of a BMW.

To ignore the neglect children like Lily and Johnny  face everyday is irresponsible. So please show your support for this cause . There are several affordable monthly packages that are easy ways to contribute and show you care. In return you will be helping a child and you’ll receive a free pen!

We thank you.


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