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Seeking companionship?

In Promotions / Strategies on March 13, 2012 at 00:40

It is tricky finding a special relationship and if you’re feeling a little lonely then we have the perfect guide for you. Our team has done extensive research in finding the best phone packages for you. That’s right, phones. Think about it. We love our phones. We take them everywhere, care for them, sleep with them, text on them while dining with others, play on them while watching TV, walk and talk, drive and talk, sleep and text, ignore and text, and so much more. Your phone is the most important relationship you have. So you need an excellent package and we’re here to provide you the best hook-ups with these companies:

Orange provides you with a very friendly service. The colour alone is welcoming! You can choose special animal packages to fit your needs and personality. So unique and fun.

O2 however, was the first to get the iPhone. That’s a company that really knows your needs. That’s the phone that provides everything you need in a person, err, we mean phone. It’s beautiful and sexy and only serves to please you.

3 Store is passionate about connection through mobile internet or just internet. You’re able to communicate with the world, spend hours surfing the net, or watching television in a cafe. A cafe! All on your device of course.

Unfortunately the team hasn’t provided any more research because they’re always on their phones instead of doing work. Might be time for a break-up.


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