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Sabotage HQ Relocate

In Uncategorized on March 30, 2012 at 20:49

Hello from New York City! We packed our bags and headed for the Big Apple in pursuit of bigger dreams. Our former HQ of London is no more and we will miss. Now we have to adapt to the American way of things. No more fancy words like queue and that’s smashing. We’ll have to watch our spelling and although England came before America, the American way is always right. See – we’ve already got that American spirit!

Right away we realised realized how friendly Americans are. People actually smile, say hello, ask about your day and help, a very different attitude from dreary old England. Why are they so miserable over there? Perhaps the food, the weather, hemroids, male pattern baldness….? Who knows but it’s a shame.

Our relocation means careful consideration for our audience and clients. Remember that Americans don’t get irony, not that we are trying to be funny because we are a very serious business (cough). But we only practice the upmost professionalism and we all know how offended Americans get. Oh goodness! – they are offended by everything so much that we are offended that they are offended. Anyways there was a point to this. So yes, we thank you once again for the support of Sabotage and we are excited for our new venture!

* We apologize if we offended anyone for our rant about being offended but we hold no corporate or social responsibility.


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