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The Tourisma Creative Alliance, PLC

In Promotions / Strategies on March 30, 2012 at 04:52

The Tourisma Creative Alliance (TCA) is the largest creative agency in the world. We don’t know what the PLC stands for, probably to make it sound fancier. The TCA is an extensive team of designers, developers and marketers for special merchandise distributed in almost every country. That makes it the largest contributer in the world.  The target market – tourists. Go into a souvenir shop or stand to find an endless array of hideous tacky junk. Many will travel afar to purchase this junk for memories, friends, mantel or to show off.  This is a billion dollar industry although we haven’t actually conducted any real research so we’re making that part up. If you’re wondering the same thing – How can this ugly stuff sell? It’s soooo ugly. Well, it does. It’s a known fact that tourists have the worst taste.

Please don’t travel all the way to Italy and return with a t-shirt.


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