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Snog Marry Destroy

In Attraction is Dead on April 2, 2012 at 19:04

Thank goodness for a show with a mission to rid the world of fakery. But is it working and are women going too far? This isn’t new. Women go to certain lengths in appearance to grab the attention of a gentleman caller. We question these mini skirts and glitter nails but ladies once wore outrageously puffy dresses and silly wigs so the only difference is the change in which women adorn themselves today. However, it’s almost past the point of utter and sheer ridiculousness. Ladies – stop it!

Of course if you dress in flashy skimpy clothes (as seen on the car wreck above) you will attract attention. Of course men will ooo and awe and take you to bed because you’re EASY. Everyone likes a freebie and men are all too pleased at how easy it is to score from a whore.  Truth –  men are HORRIFIED at such appearances.

Avoid is a subtle choice of word for these … disasters. Destroy, that’s better. Destroy this overkill of hideousness and desperation. Stop referring to the nasty style icons of Katie Price, Kim Kardashian and those Essex girls. Men are begging you to stop and if your man likes that nonsense, then he probably plucks his eyebrows and worries more about his appearance than yours. That’s sad.

Perhaps it’s true that one who decorates herself which such a lack of taste and consideration is suffering from attention or love. Get it over it honey. Educate yourselves about style, beauty and naturalness as Pod shows us on Snog Marry Avoid. By the way the stylists on that show are awful. No wonder these girls resort back to old ways.


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