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Accessories Trend Report S/S 2012

In Promotions / Strategies on April 3, 2012 at 18:21

Put away winter blues because spring and summer are on the way. This season don’t be a hobbit. Instead flaunt your personality, your style  and be the envy of all those who dare to enter your presence. Yes, yes we all know about inner beauty but remember appearance communicates so get it right! Here is our guide to making sure you are armed with the right accessories.

Our trend report works a little differently. There are plenty of style sites and blogs to provide you with the latest fashion must haves. We are here to tell you how to accessorize your lifestyle the right way. So when you walk down the street people go damn that lady has it right. Or man.

Designer coffee: No anti-branding here. Proudly display that Starbucks. Everyone has it, everyone sports it. This summer grab an iced coffee for your summer strolls or on your way to work. Also try Pret-a-Manger or EAT (London) for other popular brands. Want something a little more unique? Support local cafes. Just remember to carry it the right way and with the right attitude.

Shopping bags: Those plastic bags your local food store gives you isn’t just for holding groceries. It’s a statement, This is where I buy my food. Our favorites are Waitrose of London or Marks and Spencer for when you have a pretty penny to spend. If you’re really posh then you have the privilege of finer gourmet at Selfridges or Harrods. In any case don’t be seen with Morrisons. As for New York, we are not quite familiar yet but we dream of affording the right to carry Dean and Deluca.

The It Where Bags: Where did you shop today? It’s very inexpensive to flaunt the major brands especially department stores. Saks 5th Ave, Neiman Marcus, Liberty of London, Selfridges all sell cheap goods. Buy some chocolates and you still get to style your look with their logo bags. Our must have is the Liberty purple carrier bag.

Technology: Make sure you have your mobile phones and tablets out for show.  Phones are becoming the latest to hit the designer collaboration hype with the latest release from Prada. It’s not necessary. Just have a good eye for something sleek and slender. There are always good alternatives for those who can’t be tech chic.


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