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Above – beauty for ugly people

In Promotions / Strategies on April 6, 2012 at 20:05

Dove proudly promotes beauty for real women. Above is a range of body and beauty products for those with horrible personalities. Yes, even those type of people need a special range. These people with horrible personalities, such as nasty attitudes or narcissistic behavior, fail to realize how ugly they are. Not even a beautiful face can mask the true hideousness of such callous, cruel, and selfish qualities. The ignorance should not astound you and one should never waste time trying to open the eyes of these people.

Above is a dedicated line of products because although they won’t change, they can at least mask their horribleness with a beautiful scent of lavender or rose. This product will not wash away their ugliness or ugly faces. Instead it allows people around them to feel more  relaxed by the lovely natural aromas to reduce violent retaliation and keep the disease from spreading. The range includes: facial and body scrubs, body sprays, lotions (non-smoothing), extra strong deodorant for very stinky attitudes.

These also make ideal gifts for the people in your life:

Tyrant boss or superior

Nasty customers/clients

Bitchy colleague

Controlling girlfriend or partner


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