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In Promotions / Strategies on April 10, 2012 at 14:36

We work in association with PeoplesPR, an exclusive firm representing celebrities and politicians. This type of PR caters to select cliental who desire top notch representation, discretion, and bribery. These are often people who aren’t actually human, but require a public to believe in them.

Cliental profile

Celebrities, insane celebrities, D-list celebrities, Sports personalities:      

Known for outrageous behavior, horrible sense of personal style, ill-mannered, narcissistic, scandalous, and druggies

Politicians, CEOs, Representatives, Figure heads:

Holds responsibilities on a large scale sometimes in the interest of the public, ownership or management of large corporations or government positions, power and money orientated,  usually unattractive old men, often Conservative or Republican, can be druggies, known for scandals


PR is the ability to change the perception and turn these people into humans. Celebrities and politicians sacrifice a human existence for fame, power, credit, and money. Maintaining good public relations means that normal people will believe, sympathize, and applaud the sacrifice made. Celebrity PR can provide heart warming stories, a stylist and free clothes, charity collaborations, endorsements, counseling and lots and lots of magazines stories. PR for politicians also tell heart warming stories, compose apology speeches for scandals or cover-ups, are closely tied to media outlets, are very good at bribing, conduct extensive studies on gullible civilians and patrons, and also provide lots of charity.

PR is an effective tool in maintaining a good relationship with these ‘special people’ and its public. When certain behavior is deemed unorthodox, offensive, or extremely questionable, then PR steps in to remind the normal people that it’s okay and that these people actually do have brains and hearts. PR reminds us to forgive and forget.

Unfortunately PR can fall short, for example former US Senator John Edwards. Sometimes no matter the length there is no covering up a bad bad apple.


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