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A scent worth your cent?

In It doesn't walk on April 16, 2012 at 12:01

We know fragrances are the hot buy for consumers. Fashion brands give to the lesser fortunate or label whores  the opportunity to own a piece of the image.  It’s another flooded market.

We understand the extension of a label’s product line and there are some seductive and tantalizing aromas on offer but we really don’t understand the celebrity perfume obsession. We’re able to conclude one thing: teenage girls are a market’s dream but a cultural disaster.  Teens and children are responsible for any tacky and tasteless trend out there. We are a celebrity obsessed society. More people read the gossip magazine rather than the Economist. The Economist, what is that?! Apparently it’s an intelligent read on politics, the economy, world issues, and industry. We wouldn’t know because the subscription to People is cheaper.

So what does a celebrity smell like? Of course these ‘celebrities’ are not aroma experts who travel to the hills of Indonesia to pick lavender from the windy fields. Instead the hired experts will be good at the mixology of scents and capturing the essence of one’s personality. A really good expert will know the perfect formula for masking the true qualities of a celebrity: ditziness, booze, rehab, lack of talent, and fakery. There is a difference between celebrities that have a fragrance and  being the face of a label. You can decide whether to purchase Dior because you love Natalie Portman or avoid. We recently saw an advert for Yankee (baseball team) fragrance. You want your man smelling like a sweaty dirty womanizing sports man?

To having your own fragrance you usually have to be a tacky celebrity, one adored by over-hormonal teens who worship anything. Second you either have no real talent or have been eaten by your public relations agent who only sees $$$$.  Finally the name of the scent is very important: Dream Whisperer, Midnight Madness, Seductive Harlot,  are a few made up by the Sabotage team.

Has the industry gone too far? Well you can’t argue with money or simply stop giving your teenage daughter money to buy silly crap. We think the best solution, the best scent, is to take a shower and find a nice deodorant. And if you need celebrity influence for your armpits, well surely those kind of endorsements will be coming soon.


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