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In For the bad of mankind on April 26, 2012 at 05:00

When we feel like working we do extensive scanning on media coverage from a variety of journals: Wall Street Journal, Economist, Guardian, Extreme Babes, and all 200 more. But sometimes we spend more time reading the comments than the actual stories. Thanks to online access to these journals people have the ability to voice an opinion; more like barking their opinions. Freedom of speech is a wonderful right we deserve as citizens, if you are lucky enough to live in such a paradise. Perhaps to show appreciation for this right a person ought to know when he is crossing the line?…

Freedom of speech allows us at Sabotage to share information with our audience openly. It then allows you to respond if you feel something is incredibly genius or terribly offensive. We absolutely want to make you happy and if you feel something is outrageous then tell us. You can even tell us in a rude and horrible manner because it’s your right. We will then respond by telling you to go to hell.

This really isn’t about freedom of speech. It’s about common courtesy when conversing as a society. We have this wonderful ability to connect thanks to the internet and anonymously if we choose to do so. The comments people leave are very entertaining and actually informative. It’s a great way to hear an extension of the subject initially proposed. However some people don’t know when to shut up. They don’t know when they are truly being offensive because if you have a right to an opinion, so does your opposer. We forget how human everyone is. The Election of 2012 is currently the most hyped about story of the year and a continual battleground for the over-opinionated public. It is best to remember to hold your tongue before the guns start breaking out. Just remember what your mother always said, If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all. 

In light of all this we want to suggest to Facebook the following buttons: Dislike, That was really stupid, Who cares, Why are we friends?


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