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Product placements in crime drama

In Promotions / Strategies on April 28, 2012 at 11:43

We are brand and label whores here at Sabotage. Mention something cool and popular and we’ll squeal with excitement. So when we hear cool brands being mentioned on our favorite television shows, like crime dramas listed in a previous post, we think marketing success! Product placement in a crime drama sounds risky for the brand image but a dead man wearing an Armani coat and Rolex watch isn’t going to harm. After watching an episode of Law&Order:SVU, we really wanted that snazzy Samsonite luggage spotted on the murderous criminal, but minus the dead girl stuffed inside. Crime shows have been an excellent boost of exposure for Craigslist. Everyone uses Craigs and it’s not bad but stay away from the casual section to avoid starring in your own crime drama.

Product placement in television drama is a great and natural way to promote a brand: natural because people use branded products in their daily lives. It’s a subtle advertisement appearing in the life of characters we enjoy watching as entertainment. When spotting a familiar label in a television show you can relate.

There are some laws or liability matters about product placement which you can probably look up on Wikipedia if you’re dying to know . For example, when American Idol played in the UK, the Coca Cola cups for the judges were blurred for legal reasons. Of course we all know what red and a blurry slash of white stands for. If certain names can’t be used, it’s easy to make up a reference close to what the audience can relate to: myFace or FacialBooks.

Sabotage can give your brand excellent exposure to the most popular and action packed dramas on the tube. If you want to make your Spring collection pink parka the hot pick of the season, we’ll call up our friends in the entertainment business. We will insist they place your brand on the most stylish of dead bodies. To enquire about this and our other PR & marketing services, simply call us today.

* sorry if phones are disconnected on purpose to avoid work


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