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Luxury destinations

In Promotions / Strategies on May 4, 2012 at 06:00

The heat is nothing like you’ve ever experienced before. The air is dry and sticky. A Coca Cola is possible but only one tiny little cafe serves them and you’re not going to get any ice around here. Today’s activity is to search the village market for a better net for tonight’s sleep because the bugs are still a bother.

Wait this doesn’t sound like a luxury holiday. It’s not. It’s the Republic of Somalia which is an excellent destination for fashion shoots. It’s powerful and edgy: a $500 handbag and $2000 dress in the middle of a poverty stricken village of 500 nibbling on corn. You’ll pay a nice contribution to the folks for using the town and borrowing a baby. More importantly you’re bringing awareness that fashion is concerned and it’s cultural. A reader on the other side of the world will be touched to see stunning high quality photoshopped images taken in such emotional situations. While sipping her iced hazelnut coffee at the trendy Aroma Bar off Greene street she will be moved by these powerful images. Then she remembers a Zara on Broadway just two streets over that might have the same style handbag the Danish model is sporting. Why not stop into Louis Vuitton on the way and buy a nice travel piece, just like Angelina Jolie or Bono in those adverts taken in Africa. One handbag could feed a small town but the rich brown leather trunks will look amazing against the safari sunset.


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