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It doesn’t walk

In Uncategorized on May 19, 2012 at 06:00

We’ve already apologized and made excuses for any lazy errors in punctuation and grammar (see Eats, shoots and leaves). Our category It Doesn’t Walk however, is not a mistake as some of you might think.  As the French say ça ne marche pas (does not walk), we say it/that doesn’t work. Of course we think we’re pretty cool for this nifty little language swap. We happen to be excellent speakers of the French language here thanks to a wonderful book called French for Dummies. Highly recommend. You’ll learn words and phrases to help you get around Paris. You’ll also learn how to look like a dummy because languages can’t be taught by a book.

This category unfortunately lacks stories because we discovered Pinterest, another social media platform to waste hours on. Just like everyone, we must keep up with this in order to adapt to the modern times. It doesn’t matter if your head is about to explode trying to keep up with everything. But we beg of the world to please stop inventing new social media tools because we can’t take it anymore!!!

Felicity Hopscotch  (Editor and  3x Bejeweled champ)


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