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Obligational Messages & Greetings Inc

In Promotions / Strategies on June 21, 2012 at 14:23

We’re helping launch a new greeting card company. Words are powerful and it’s important you get the right message across. Obligational Messages & Greeting is not here to distract with fancy graphics and piles of glued on junk. That’s just a lazy way of saying I suck with words but doesn’t this expensive card look amazing?! OMG focuses on the true meaning of an event or situation to really make that impact. The purpose of a card is to show concern, care, excitement and because you’ll look like a bitch if you don’t.

Example of card messages:

Congrats on your wedding! Wishing you a beautiful beginning. Hope it doesn’t end in divorce.

Congrats on the baby! Now your life is over.

Happy Birthday. Now you can throw this card away.

Get well soon! Just remember what I said about Karma next time.

I didn’t get you a gift but I got you a card. You don’t want a gift anyways do you?

Happy Father’s Day! And thanks for the money for your card and gift.

Mother –  You gave me life, love, home, food, guidance. I gave you a folded piece of paper




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