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The Accusational Act #45

In For the bad of mankind on July 16, 2012 at 08:28

New laws and regulations passed this week that protects and give citizens the right to sue. We’ve always been able to sue but now there is no limit or shame. Basically, someone should always be held responsible for any shit encountered during your day. Someone, other than you, should be held accountable for any laziness, negligence, bad parenting, lack of responsibility, or sometimes nothing at all. With the help of legal aid, your lawyer will be confident that your case is worth millions and in the worst of circumstances you can always plea insanity.

Don’t let people make you feel bad. You deserve all that money and you are making a statement to the public: It is not okay to make mistakes. Just because we are human and can’t be perfect, that is no excuse. There is always a monetary value – if your sticky note didn’t stick, sue. If your kid choked on a Kinder toy while you were taking a nap, sue. If it rained when the weather person said it was sunny, sue. It doesn’t matter if you are tying up the legal system with frivolous cases because who cares about the violence and murder of innocent people. Your case is more important and someone must pay, pay in gold bullion.

In the News: A woman is suing Justin Bieber for damage to her ears at a concert. Honestly, we wish we could sue every time we hear a Justin Bieber song anywhere


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