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iPhone 5

In Promotions / Strategies on September 22, 2012 at 10:54

Apologies for our long absence. We’ve been very busy camping out for the iPhone 5 for a month! We wanted to be the first to grab the latest innovative sensation from Apple. Giving up work, home life, friends and family just to set up base camp for the long awaited release was tough. Unfortunately, we learned it is impossible to afford the life of an Apple consumer and weren’t able to purchase this new phenomenon. All that time wasted resulting in broken hearts. Some of us can’t afford an iPhone with a lousy salary and expensive New York pad complete with marble lion statue entrance and Saks Fifth Avenue linens. Some of us failed the credit, blood, and fingerprint background checks. Who knew our editor had a criminal record of unpaid parking tickets?!

Let’s face it, we only wanted the iPhone 5 for bragging rights. Just to carry our precious phone around like a designer bag waiting to be complimented. Placing it on restaurant tables so people can stare at it while eating. Pretending to constantly text our friends while actually playing silly games. Constantly snapping Instagram photos like of your friends without iPhones, then posting to Facebook. It’s not fair! Even the homeless man begging in the subway has the iPhone 4, and with a few more rides he can upgrade to the 5.

Because we aren’t rich and cool, we’ve teamed up with Vodarizon to help introduce the Coconut 2012 version 1. It’s basically two cups attached with string. Not just any cups but cups designed by Crate and Barrel! Something your iPhone can’t do is convert into your morning coffee. And soon with the release of Coconut version 2, you will be wowed by the choice of color cups and silk woven rope.

Line up for the Coconut 2012 today! (It’s not a long wait, like two people. )


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