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Subscribers get a free car!

In Subscribe on March 31, 2012 at 22:15

That is a lie but we are thrilled to receive kind and encouraging comments from readers of Sabotage. People have been asking how they can be informed of new stories. Please scroll down to the bottom and enter your email address in the box provided. Once you sign up you can receive all the latest posts. We promise this is worth the emails, not like all that junk mail about breast enhancement or growth hormone pills. We won’t be flooding your box every hour because we are too lazy to write stories that fast, unless hyped on coffee. If you get annoyed you can simply unsubscribe. It’s okay if you want to break our hearts. We also promise privacy. We are not here to double market anything like Hershey’s double chocolate syrup for extremely yummy chocolate milk your kids will love while guaranteeing daily vitamins and calcium. It’s that good!

Alternatively, bookmark us or keep us in mind if you don’t want emails and check back often.¬†Our mission here at Sabotage is to communicate with honesty and accuracy (unless spell check doesn’t work). We are more than happy to have the support!


Jacklyn Fiona Weatherbottom (Founder, CEO, VP and Tyrant)


Quality Guaranteed

In Subscribe on March 17, 2012 at 23:30

We apologize if there are any mistakes in our content. Our editor is on holiday and the rest of the staff is incompetent. Also we’ve sacked our interns because all they do is get us tea.

Please note there are several spelling differences between the UK and the US, for example organise and organize. Some of us are bipolar and switch between the two continents or we are purposely trying to confuse you.

Thank you,

Jacklyn Fiona Weatherbottom (Founder, CEO, VP and Tyrant)