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New American Passport

In It doesn't walk on October 20, 2012 at 10:58

Some of us are having to renew our passports. We were shocked to receive the newest edition which has changed significantly. By shock we mean cringe with the loud American pride displayed on each page. What was wrong with the old one? Too plain and simple? But now the new ones send a clear message, That’s right, I’m an American. Every page has a beautiful image or symbol that truly respects what it is to be an American. Well, we hate the new passports and tacky display of over the top patriotism. Gasp! – what a horrible anti-American thing to say! One can be patriotic in a subtle and simple manner, and it doesn’t mean it’s less American. But someone at the government creative services got a little carried away with photoshop. We suggest making musical passports, like those Hallmark cards, and play the Star Spangled Banner. Every time you pass through customs, you will never be accused of being unAmerican. Stars and stripes forever!

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