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Birth Control Solution

In Promotions / Strategies on August 18, 2012 at 15:23

There are several options on the market for women when it comes to birth control. But Having No Sex is proven to be the most effective product out there and is 100% reliable. Having No Sex is not always a preferred choice by ladies and is sometimes forced by the situation i.e bad luck, but non-the-less, baby and even STD proof! Having No Sex is a large box of chocolates with 28 pieces representing the cycle: 21 milk chocolate  and 7 dark chocolate for period days. This method is aimed at satisfying ladies when they simply aren’t getting any. Chocolate releases the same endorphins as sex (yeah right) and therefore a yummy alternative to engaging in sexual activity.

You must consult your doctor before choosing this particular method of birth control, and check whether your insurance company will cover the costs. It is strongly advised not to fall behind or suddenly gorge on more than one chocolate at a time.

Having No Sex should not be used if you are easily horny and drunk, as this can counteract the effects of this method. HNS is not for ladies who like to wear short skirts, bar hop, or read Fifty Shades of Grey. Do not take HNS while operating heavy machinery including vibrators and electric toys. Risks include severe desperation.

Ask your doctor today about Having No Sex!